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Our skilled professionals bring years of experience and expertise in skincare, ensuring personalized care and remarkable outcomes.

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At SALAZARIE SERVICES LLC, we’re dedicated to unveiling the beauty of your skin through our expert professional skincare services. Nestled in the heart of Westminster, CO, our clinic is your haven for comprehensive and rejuvenating skincare treatments.

Face Treatment

Experience the luxury of personalized facials tailored to your skin type and concerns. From hydrating and clarifying treatments to anti-aging and sensitive skin solutions, our customized facials cater to your unique needs, ensuring optimal results.


Step into our sanctuary and experience the ultimate indulgence with our expert pedicure services, designed to pamper, relax, and rejuvenate your feet.


Immerse yourself in our sanctuary and experience the pinnacle of hand care with our expert manicure services, designed to enhance the beauty of your hands and nails.

Lips Treatment

We understand that beautiful, well-nourished lips are an essential part of your overall confidence and allure. Step into our sanctuary and experience our specialized lip treatments designed to restore, enhance, and pamper your lips for a radiant smile.

Botox & Filler

We offer expert Botox and filler treatments designed to help you achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions to enhance your natural beauty and restore your confidence.

Body Treatment

we believe that self-care is essential, and our range of body treatments is designed to pamper and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and radiant from head to toe.

Our Story

At SALAZARIE SERVICES LLC, Maria Salazar, the passionate founder, envisioned a sanctuary where beauty met expertise. Maria had always been captivated by the art and science of skincare. With a heart brimming with dedication and a mind teeming with knowledge, she embarked on a journey to create a haven that offered more than just skincare – it offered an experience.

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SALAZARIE SERVICES LLC has been my go-to for skincare and beauty treatments! Their team of experts not only provided exceptional services but also made me feel incredibly comfortable. From their rejuvenating facials to the relaxing massages, every visit leaves me feeling like royalty. I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin, and I couldn't be happier! Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch skincare treatments.

Leony Ann Customer

I can't thank SALAZARIE SERVICES LLC enough for the wonderful experience I've had with their lip treatments. The hydrating lip masks and exfoliation made my lips feel incredibly soft and smooth. The staff is not only professional but also genuinely caring, ensuring I was at ease throughout the entire process. I'm thrilled with the results and will definitely be returning for more treatments!

Nikky Kim Customer

My experience at SALAZARIE SERVICES LLC was absolutely fantastic! I visited for a gel manicure and was amazed by the attention to detail and the range of colors available. The manicurist was friendly, skilled, and meticulous. My nails looked flawless and lasted for weeks without chipping. I'm extremely impressed and will definitely be back for more nail services!

Jane Smitch Customer

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Kim Park Customer

I had an incredible body treatment at SALAZARIE SERVICES LLC that left me feeling rejuvenated. The spa-like ambiance, coupled with the expertise of their staff, made for an unforgettable experience. The body scrub and massage were both relaxing and invigorating. I left feeling renewed, and my skin felt incredibly soft and revitalized. Definitely one of the best experiences I've had at a skincare clinic!

Liu Chucu Customer

Expert Skincare For Your Beautiful Skin

SALAZARIE SERVICES LLC didn’t stop at the surface; they delved deeper. Their lip treatments didn’t just soften lips; they bestowed smiles with newfound radiance. Botox and filler services were about more than reducing lines; they were about rejuvenation and empowerment.

Their body treatments were an escape from the everyday bustle, offering a retreat where stress melted away with every stroke of a massage and every exfoliating scrub. Clients didn’t just receive treatments at SALAZARIE SERVICES LLC; they entered a realm where self-care was an art form and where leaving feeling transformed was the norm.

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